You can order products at our webpage.

Click at the picture below to see how to make a purchase at DILLING.

Below please find a guide how to make a purchase at DILLING step by step.

Find the desired product and choose size and quantity. Hereafter click at 'Add to basked':

Then you can either continue shopping or go to checkout.

When you have added all desired products to your basked you click at the basket in the right upper corner and then click 'Checkout':

Your basket will be shown. If you have a coupon number you can enter it here and then you click 'Next step: Customer info':

In this picture you can either:

1.  'Purchase without registration' it means that you every time you purchase at our webpage should fill out name, address e.g. 

2. If you have purchased at DILLING before and already created a login you can choose 'Log in'. If you have forgot your password please click at 'Forgot password' just above 'Log in'.

3. 'Registration': If you make a registration you can next time you buy at DILLING use the 'Log in' and thereby save time and you can see your order history.

Then you make a payment and choose shipping method. The order will then be processes.