Go to https://www.klaviyo.com/ and log-in. 

Need a log in? Ask Andrius.

If you have acces to more then one country, always check if you are in the klaviyo off the right country. You can do this in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Search for the email adresse in the search bar in the top.

Then all the results are coming. If nothing comes up they are not subscribed or been registrated on our website before (double check if you are in the right country).

Click on name to go in the profile.

At the right in de channel status you can see if a customer is subscribed or not:

You can also find more info, like which mails are send or where the customer has been.

If you want to look if the customer received the Welcome to DILLING mail just check if it is send. If there are standing a lot of notification you can also filter what to show. For example all the mails the customer has received. Then select that in the show bar at the top.