• Yes, make sure they register their return online then ignore it when it redirects them to the DPD website. (Can do this by clicking ‘100 days free returns word at top of homepage) or here: https://uk.dilling.com/return/

  • Ask what items they are returning and let me know (so I can manually create the credit note)

Return to: 

Anky Productions
c/o DPD Logistics
Goods Inwards
Roebuck Lane
B66 1BY

  • Write order number on outside of parcel to help at DPD warehouse 

  • Then ask to email a picture to hello@dilling.com of their postage receipt and we can create a voucher code to cover the cost once we have received the picture of the receipt.

  • If they are not happy and want a refund…if they have not returned all items, we can do this manually by creating a credit note, but if they have returned their whole order, ask them to email their IBAN number along with their receipt picture. Then send an email to Inga asking her to refund the order number for the postage amount using the IBAN number.