When a parcel is lost, and you need to contact DHL you can make a ticket via the website of DHL.

You find the website her: https://my.dhlparcel.nl/business/#/dashboard


Find the tracking number of the order and add it to the search box. Press on the tracking number that pops op. 

Press on “open a new ticket” beside the name of the customer. 

Fill out the ticket details (not al details are needed, but you can write the order number in “article number” and in “dimensions” you can write the weight of the parcel from nShift (consignor)).

Write a short description of the problem with the order. 

You can also attach the invoice of the order to the ticket. 

Then press “create ticket”

Remember to ask the costumer if the address is correct and if they have asked their neighbors if they received the parcel. 

When DHL answers, you we will get email in Freshdesk with a link to the ticket.
Usually DHL answers within 3 workdays.