When a parcel is returned to us it usually arrives at our return department within 10 working days. 

We say 5-10 working days to our customers. 

First the parcel is sent to a collecting point in Holland. Then the parcel is sent to Asta in Lithuania. This happens twice a week.
The credit nota and refund is first made when the parcel arrives in LT. The customer then receives an email with the credit nota. Asta is in charge of this and will send us a messages on Teams or in Fresh desk if she has a question about a parcel.

You can track the parcel in nShift (consignor).
When the receiver is “Dilling A/S-C/O” it is a return parcel.
 When the order number is a NL…. Number it is a return label the customer made on our website. When the order number starts with CO… it is a return label we send to the customer in the parcel. 

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 When a parcel looks like this:

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It means we received it in LT. If the credit nota is not made you can ask Asta. 

If the parcel is not received in LT you can check the DHL tracking. In the left corner press “sporing” and then the order number. 

If the parcel is “delivered” her. 

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It just means we received it at the collection point in NL. Form her parcel are send to LT twice a week. It will take 5-10 workdays before we receive it. 

If the customer has been waiting for more then 10 working days, please make the refund manually. (Remember the refund list).